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Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm EST
. >> with that perspective, how did the country get to the situation that we are in right now, not just the fiscal cliff but the debate over the deficit and the debt that is behind this? >> well, if you go back to 2001 and thereafter, the cost of the war was not included in the budget except the military and the defense budget. but the additional costs were not reflected in the budget. there were always supplementals. so they didn't show as a deficit. a vendor ackley to the debt. so while the budgets were reasonable in that period of time, the actual spending didn't show in the budget and people didn't pay as much attention to the debt as they do today because it kept mounting and so we borrowed to pay for the war and in fact we didn't ask people to make sacrifices financially. >> there is a difference between borrowing in the future, paying for work and paying back words, we are having to pay right now. people might have felt differently if they had felt the pinch right at that time. we would have asked different questions and were asked, and i think that is one of the reasons we got where we are. and
Dec 27, 2012 9:00am EST
over here. the way to avoid the fiscal cliff has been right in the face of the republican leaders, both mcconnell and baron --, boehner for days and days and days going into weeks and months and it's the only option that is a viable escape route. that's the senate-passed bill. it wouldn't hard to pass, i've talked about that at some length. every democrat in the house would vote for it, a handful of republicans would vote for it. that's all that would be nominee needed. but, mr. president, grover norquist is standing in the way of this. not the rich people. but grover norquist. the man who says what the republicans can do. so i say to the speaker, take the escape hatch that we've left you. put the economic fate of the nation heafd your own fate as speaker of the house. millions of middle-class families are nervously watching and counting down the moments until their taxes go up. nothing can move forward in regards to our budget crisis unless speaker boehner and leader mcconnell are willing to participate in coming up with a bipartisan plan. speaker boehner is unwilling to negotiate, we
Dec 26, 2012 12:00pm EST
limit. we're seeing it right now with the fiscal cliff. it's like you give us things the american people doesn't what we would do something worse to the country, is fundamentally a threat to there. and we have seen with voter suppression. we've seen over and over with voter suppression. election after election with voter suppression, and i have the greatest respect and admiration for the ranking member, but if you think that voter suppression is actually the appropriate term to use. as a former prosecutor we sometimes look at the question of motives when you're looking at, only one element but you do look at motives. the most i think has long been established by the republican party in the voter caging cases. in which they have been put under court order to stop, cease-and-desist the practice of trying to clear voters off the rolls through voter caging efforts dedicator are directed at, particularly minority communities. so i think is a very live issue that i think it's a very important issue. it's about our democracy and i'm delighted we're having this hearing. where not only my view, b
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3